Our Manifesto

We are optimised

We are optimised

Our IT recruitment agency is strong, we have systems to control our systems that control our systems. That way we can focus on people, IT jobs and being one of the best digital recruitment agencies.

We are real

We are Real

The clients are real, you are real, the work is real, so we keep it all real. If you want to ‘fake it till you make it’ we will be happy to introduce you to our competitors.

We are makerick

We are Maverick

Sometimes we get frustrated with the status quo, so we throw the rule book out and find our own way forward. Naturally, everyone then imitates us (we get it guys, you can copy). Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.

We are dependable

We are Dependable

We are friendly, honest and genuine. We understand that life is hard, careers are hard and relationships are hard. We’ll help you grow, push you to reach your career goals and we won’t try and steal your girlfriend.

We are dependable

We are Listeners

We promise to listen to our clients, our candidates and each other. We won’t like some of what we hear, but we are ready to hear it anyway, it’s the only way we will be what our market needs.

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Our Team


Michael Cant


After years of experience in sales and recruitment for the software development industry, Michael launched SourceCode to source exceptional .Net talent into Development teams in Brisbane. Not one to shy away from a new challenge, next up is Binary People, a Digital recruitment agency focused on delivery and service, the latest venture from the Coffs Harbour native.

Michael is a notoriously bad coffee snob but otherwise a down-to-earth, well-travelled, genuine guy always up for a chat, especially if it’s about cricket.

When he’s not working hard you’ll find Michael spending time with his family and his Border Collie, Daisy, eating out or following the Waratahs in the Super Rugby.  He’s also pretty passionate about the start-up revolution hitting Australia and how this will impact tech, IT and software industries.

With knowledge of the IT industry in Brisbane that is second to none and a serious tech obsession, Michael gets the job done, producing consistent quality outcomes for the numerous clients and candidates he works with.  His track record will speak for itself, and his experience will help you land your next opportunity or secure top talent in the Software Development space.

Michael is always up for a chat about the industry, your career or your next hire.

Get in contact with Michael today!
 07 3102 1141 or 0401 074 658

Binary People Blog

7 Ways You Can Ensure Your Employees Will Stay and Not Stray.

7 Ways You Can Ensure Your Employees Will Stay and Not Stray.

Few things cost a company more than the departure of productive employees.

It takes a formidable investment of time, money, and resources to transition a prospect from the recruitment phase, to employee where they progress through, on-boarding, orientation, training, development, and career advancement.  


Is It Time to Round Up the Recruitment Cowboys?

Is It Time to Round Up the Recruitment Cowboys?

Is it time we round up the recruitment cowboys (and girls)? Has the time come to tame the wild, wild, west, to tighten the lasso, and make the cowboys and girls of the recruitment industry more accountable?


Why you Should Reject the Counter Offer!

Why you Should Reject the Counter Offer!

So you’re thinking about leaving your current job. You’ve vowed that the next time a certain incident happens, you’ll be handing in your resignation and moving on.


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