Why you Should Reject the Counter Offer!

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So you’re thinking about leaving your current job. You’ve vowed that the next time a certain incident happens, you’ll be handing in your resignation and moving on.

You’ll need to be ready to stand strong and walk away. Even if your boss comes back with a counter offer to entice you to stay.

Your manager may offer you a number of different things, including a higher pay, more challenging work, or a better job title. But it’s important to remember that if any of these things were critically important to you, you would have come to your manager sooner and tried to fix the issue.

We like to think that suddenly being offered more money to stay automatically means that we’re indispensable. If you’ve spent months or years being underpaid. It’s more likely that your boss simply doesn’t want to have to hire someone new and work around your departure.

Once you’ve finally made the decision to leave, it’s likely that it’s due to job dissatisfaction. You began working for a company and had big expectations. You’ve assumed you’d have great work/life balance. You assumed you would be mentored in exchange for going above and beyond. You thought you would be rewarded for your excellent work with a pay rise or promotion.

When this doesn’t happen, you may be surprised that your employer is suddenly willing to negotiate when you’re ready to leave. Since applying for new jobs and working with a new team can be difficult and stressful, it can be tempting to take the offer. While feeling a little smug and assuring yourself that “they finally know what I’m worth”.

The problem?

Once you’ve let an employer know you’re not happy, you’re no longer the loyal employee they thought you were. You may find yourself being passed over for promotions. Or worse, you will be the first one out the door if the company needs to make cuts. And if word gets out to your coworkers, these relationships could also be damaged.

There’s a reason why 85% of people accepting a counter offer will still end up leaving within a year, so stick to your guns. Once you’re committed to finding greener grass, you can expect to receive an offer during your exit meeting, and will be completely prepared to say no.

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